Muromtseva Ekaterina

МХ_21_039Muromtseva Ekaterina

Was born in Moscow. She has had personal exhibitions at MMOMA, XL Gallery, M HKA Museum. The winner of Present Continuous program, Innivation art prize, Turbulence art prize and Fulbright fellowship.

What Happens to Others

A project that includes three parts. The first part is watercolors made during the “Moscow Case” – a protest action supporting the journalist Ivan Golunov, unfairly accused of distributing drugs.
The second part is an installation, graphics on transparent film, projected on the wall with the help of light bulbs, creates a theater of shadows from moving images: a series of figures, mechanisms, animals. This multitude is constantly in motion and ready for organization, forming a single structure that forms the space. The procession moves in a circle in time with the social rhythm, with the rhythm of history, the “music of the revolution”, which is heard in whispers and echoes, echoes of Alexander Blok’s poem “The Twelve”. The third part is a video made on the basis of the essays of modern schoolchildren about how people lived in the USSR.