Roman Sakin

ПГ_21_151Roman Sakin

In 1997 he graduated from the Abramtsev Art and Industrial College named after V.M. Vasnetsov, in 2005 – from the Moscow State Art and Industrial Academy named after S.G. Stroganov. Nominee for the Kandinsky Prize (2009, project “US”; 2012, project “Master of the 3rd category”). The artist’s personal exhibitions were held in the XL gallery (“The turning point is me”, 2018), the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (“Forest”, 2008), the “Migratory tavern” gallery (“Our Time”, 2018), etc.

Systems of Measurement.

The exhibition space is likened to a living room, which has a dining table, bed, sofa and even a carpet on the wall. All these household items, as well as dishes, decor elements, floors and walls, are equipped with strange devices, similar to old instruments for measuring various quantities assembled from elements of a children’s designer.
The author accompanies his experiments with reflections on “the structure of the world not in the way that science does, but in the way that only art can.
In order to do that, information from the standpoint of a specific observer is needed rather than objective information. The correct thing to do is to put the observer at the center of the universe.And his first task will be to measure the world. ”
Measurement of the world is made not only to expand knowledge about the universe, but also to drive out ghosts who “do not tolerate measurements, because the fact of measurement should turn them from a paranormal, like a wave state into a material object made of particles.”That is why one of the gallery spaces, left empty, is completely occupied by a giant measuring structure.
In the artist’s project, as in his other works, the impeccable quality of the installation is combined with the irony hidden behind the almost childish seriousness of the embodiment of the theory developed and tested in practice by presenting the viewer with the results of “scientific” experiments, which is aimed at harmonizing relations between man and the world.