Media artist and researcher. Works in the field of technological art: robotics, sound art, science art. Тook part in 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, exhibitions at NCCA, MMOMA, Laboratoria Art&Science Space, Electromuseum, GARAGE museum, ZKM (Germany), Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (USA) and others. Winner of Kuryokhin Prize (Russia, 2013 and 2020), Innovation (Russia, 2020), Prix Cube (France, 2014) ; prizes at VIDA 16.0 (Spain, 2014) and Prix Ars Electronica (Austria, 2015, 2017)

Interface of ongoing

This exhibition is to become a specifically constructed space which can be even considered as a technological “total installation” with the artist’s objects as its elements, filled with his “non-functional” machines with their own hacked logic. Through these objects the artist tells us stories and describes the surrounding reality and events happening, comprehending the natural and social processes through the usage of technology. His mechanical and sound objects, wearable devices and light installations are alternative interfaces to interact with the ongoing.