Podkorytova Ulyana

img_004Podkorytova Uliyana

2007- Moscow State University named after Ivan Fedorov, faculty of graphic arts
2017- Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, video art
2017-shortlist of the State Prize “Innovation”, new generation
2020-shortlist of the Kuryokhin Prize, the best media object
2020-Resident of the Workshops of the Garage Museum
2020-grant program for young artists of the Garage Museum
2020-ACAC resident, Japan


The exhibition is built like a theatrical foyer and it dedicated to the migration of images (programs with scores, director’s photos, sketches, costumes, ceramic prototypes of the performance characters, a graffiti poster and a video opera behind the curtain). The objects have a prototypes in Russian Northern folklore and internet folk. The graffiti poster is a fictional text based on the whatsapp chain letters. Wooden birch she-wolf – stand for Ipad (allegory of old theater, TV and Internet prototype). The photo of the demiurge director shows the comic nature of authoritarianism in contemporary art (a composition from the 18th century lubok about the tsar’s funeral, “How the mice buried a cat.”) The artist voices the video, singing modern texts with a help of famous computer games melodies, and texts from social networks sound in the style of rare funeral laments of the Arkhangelsk region Characters: Bear’s paw – the hero of the fairy tale from Afanasyev’s collection “The Bear is a Linden Foot”, plays the role of a killer program, the myth of which spread in the early 2000s;
Grandma-hiccups – an image from a soldier’s tale of Peter’s time about a head walking on braids (in the opera they sing the famous fake news of 2017 about an old woman, a robber); Moscow River – an image from the comics about Gertrude the Ferocious (in the opera it plays the role of Globalization and sings the word “North” in six languages); Booty in boots – a legend about the boots of Peter the First.