Petrokovich Ivan

Иван_Петрокович_2021Ivan Petrokovich

Born in 1991 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
An artist mainly working with photography and installation art, exploring themes of inherent fallibility of communication methods, fundamental instability of human existence, and its effects on individual and collective psyche.
Graduated from The Rodchenko Art School (2017)
Selected exhibitions:
Exhibits, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (2020)
5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg, Russia (2019)
Currently residing In Moscow.

Exhibits #1-9

Some of the theoreticians of “Technological Singularities” advance an idea of the unregistered “Singular” events.
The essence of that idea is that “emergence” of a consciousness in the complex artificial systems can happen randomly and go by completely unnoticed by humanity.
It becomes practically impossible for human perception to notice the difference between a technical malfunction, a “glitch” and a complex pattern of an emergent “will” of the machine in the conditions of the explosive growth of the distribution, size, and complexity of such systems.
“Smart grids” that manage an electrical supply of big cities across the world can serve as an example of such a complex system.

Technical description (not for publication):
The work is based on 9 short clips, documenting glitches of city lighting dubbed over by author and invited musicians.
For the purpose of the installation, they are formed into files ranging from 30min to 1h30min, in which the order of playback of clips and the length of pauses are determined by a random number generator. From 6 to 9 screens and projectors of various shapes and sizes are used for playback. Thus, at any time a unique audio-visual landscape is created inside the installation.
The installation is a separate room with seating and screens. The design of the work (the choice of furniture, types and final number of the screens and their arrangement) is fundamentally site-specific.

Ссылки на 9 оригинальных коротких клипов:

Экземпляр №1 (02:26 мин)

 Экземпляр №2 (01:27 мин)

 Экземпляр №3 (02:59 мин)

 Экземпляр №4 (02:36 мин)

 Экземпляр №5 (01:01 мин)

Экземпляр №6 (02:46 мин)

Экземпляр №7 (02:42 мин)

Экземпляр №8 (03:01 мин)

Экземпляр №9 (02:03 мин)

Ссылки на полноценные видео, непосредственно используемые в инсталляции (воспроизводятся одновременно на повторе, старт со случайной точки): (1 час 30 мин) (58 мин) (1 час 10 мин) (25 мин) (30 мин) (45 мин)