Fedorichev Egor

Егор ФедоричевFedorichev Egor

Egor Fedorichev
* 1988 Barnaul / Omsk/ Moscow
The artist works with mediums: painting, sculpture, installation.
2007-2009 Art Industrial College Omsk
2010-2013 Russian Academy of Theatrical Art “Gitis”
2013 – 2014 Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow
2015 – 2018 The Rodchenko Art School (Moscow) class of Sergey Bratkov

Nominee of the state prize in the field of contemporary art “Innovation 2018″, nomination “New Generation”.

Red Garden

“Red Garden”.In the project “Red Garden”, Egor deconstructs the images of classical painting, gradually dissolving them in the surface of the canvas embedded in industrial fabric for the production of army tents. The combination of fragile, elusive ghosts of dead animals with a rough military texture allows the artist to create a powerful statement about the ephemerality and fluctuation of the traditional painting school in the militarized context of modernity. This is emphasized by an ideal exposure solution: the works are hung on hooks, like carcasses in a butcher’s shop. They fascinate and scare at the same time. A large-format installation, similar to theatrical scenery, represents a basement room where Nicholas II, his wife, their children, and servants were shot on the night of July 16-17, 1918. The installation is arranged in such a way that the viewer first see its backdrop, so they seem to fall into a terrible and stuffy basement, which is very difficult to get out of. Fedorichev considers one of the key events in Russian history as an unhealed trauma, a sore bloody wound left by the communist regime. The work in the mansion’s garden is created on the basis of a photograph modified by the artist – hands are clutching bunches of grapes, but this baroque image “flows” directly into the army’s fabric, striving to absorb and destroy any abundance as something superfluous and “philistine”.