Алина Гуткина

gutkina_08_0Education: The Institute of problems of Contemporary Art”. The School of Contemporary Art “Free Studios” under the auspices of Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2002-2005. Exhibitions: “Media Festival” (Valencia, Spain), “Terrible Oppression” (Gallery “White Box”, New York), “Uncomfortable Art” (Gallery “00130”, Helsinki), “Fast Art” (“Vinzavod”) and others.

The installation Heads

The more we are involved in the immanent spatial environment, the better we understand traces and languages which fill this environment. But today space has lost its wholeness, only separate parts communicate between themselves. Only the confined interaction of this external net of spatial fillings is open to us.
This thought is abstract until the moment of its practical realization in the relations of space and politics.
The project Heads is an attempt to rediscover the points of the concrete sphere of inter-subjectivity, as coinciding with the points of the social and physical world.
The map of Moscow is a recognizable system of coordinates with its communications and intersections. Some points on the lines are drilled, thus creating holes — emptiness, a gap in memory. This is a possible list of coordinates of hidden fillings of habitual space, inaccessible to us until the moment of interaction with them, and at that, only in imperative forms.
Tissue formations — heads — are unnoticeable, ephemeral profiles of personages drawn from the well-known social net.
Observers and objects of observation.

Alina Gutkina