ГТГ Коллектив авторов

GTG-AUTHOR_Воротынцева GTG-AUTHOR_Курляндцева GTG-AUTHOR_СветляковThe edition is prepared for the exhibition NotForever. 1968–1985, dedicated to the Soviet epoch of the 1970–1980s. The catalogue, as well as the large-scale research exhibition, is the second part of the trilogy dedicated to the Soviet art of the postwar period. In contrast to the Thaw (State Tretyakov Gallery, 2017) project, where primary attention was given to the stylistic trends and general ideas of the epoch, the exhibition involves psycholog- ical analysis of both individual and collective conscience con- ducted on the material of works of art.
Research articles published in the edition are dedicated to paint- ing, graphics, design and cinematography of the era of stag- nation as well as to social events and political aspects of life in the Soviet Union. The catalogue includes over 400 works
of art, which are exposed at the exhibition. The annotations describe various aspects of art practices and give a chance to have a new look on the history of the Soviet art. The edition is supplemented with the detailed chronicle of the events which took place in the period between 1968 and 1985.
The book is addressed both to specialists and wide audience of readers, who are interested in art culture and history of the second half of the 20th century.