Changes in the list of exhibitors nominees 2012 competition year

Kandinsky Prize Organizing Committee recently received letters from three nominees (2 participants of the “Project of the Year” nomination and one – of the “Young Artist. Project of the Year”) declaring the withdrawal of their projects from competition for personal reasons.

According to the Regulations of the Prize (quote):

An artist may withdraw the project from the competition by writing a statement to the organizing committee of the Prize. The Organizing Committee shall inform the members of the jury and the council of experts.
A nominee, whose works gained the next highest score in the list, formed as a result of voting, replaces the retired artist.
In case of the situation when more than 2 nominees of the list of the exhibition participants, selected by the members of the jury and the council of experts, leave the competition, nobody gets the status of the new nominee and the number of the exhibition participants decreases for the number of nominees who left.
1. In the “Project of the Year” nomination after the withdrawal of 2 projects the status of the nominee gets Natalia Zintsova with project “New forms of life”

2. In the “Young Artist. Project of the Year” nomination after the withdrawal of one project – there are 15 participants, which corresponds to the Prize’s Regulations.

List of nominees with alterations:

“Project of the Year” Nomination (20 nominees out of 188 applications)

AES + F. “Allegoria Sacra”
Elena Artemenko. “New”
Grigory Bruskin. Sculpture project “H-Hour”
Aladdin Garunov. “Total Prayer”
Vladimir Grig. “Kustarakita over the river”
Dmitry Gutov. “E’IK’ΩN”
Natalia Zintsova. “New forms of life”
Anna Ermolaeva. “Five-Year Plan”
Tatiana Istomin. “’Historical research: Analysis of primary sources”
Collcective of the authors (Vladimir Arkhipov, Andrei Velikanov, Lekha Garikovich, Imperator WAWA [Vladimir Alexandrov], Sergei Kalinin, Михаил Косолапов, Egor Koshelev, Pavel Kuznetsov, Polina Kulik, Anton Litvin, Ivan Lungin, Diana Machulina, Антон Николаев, Marina Perchikhina, Liza Plavinskaya, Alexander Podosinov, Ira Shteinberg, Vlad Yurashko.) “Plein Air”
Zahar Kolovsky. “Emergency surfacing”
Anton Litvin. “Procession”
Collective Actions. “Corridor KD(CA)”
Nicholai Polissky. “Universal Mind”
Vitaly Pushnitskii. “Mechanisms of time”
Roman Sakin. “Master of the third category”
“TOTART Natalia Abalakova and Anatoly Zhigalov”
Andrei Filippov. “Blackouts”
Dmitry Tsvetkov. “The heads of heroes”
Yuri Shabelnikov. “Bible-mail”
“Best Young Artist. Project of the Year” (15 nominees out of 197 applications)

Dmitry Venkov. “Mad imitators”
Sophia Gavrilova. “Moscow / Non-Moscow”
Aslan Gaisumov. “Untitled (War)”
Eugeny Granilschikov. “The Letter”. “Method”
Arseny Zhilyaev. “The Museum of proletarian culture. The industrialization of bohemia”
ZIP Group (Subbotin Stepan, Subbotin Vasilyl, Eugeny Rimkevich, Chekmarev Konstantin). “Utopia”
Olga Karyakina. “La Blanca”
Olga Kroitor. “Purification”
Ekaterina Lazareva. “Migrants”
Victoria Marchenkova. “Potential grandparents”
Roman Mokrov. “The Neverending Story”
Maria Safronova. “Timetable”
Alexei Tregubov. “Who is it?”
Anastasia Khoroshilova. “A man without territory”
Anton Chumak. “Total installation” Temple of Fire”