Marina Chernikova

chernikovaBorn in 1956 in Moscow. Graduated from the Surikov Moscow State Art Institute (1983) and received a Master of Media Аrts from the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands (1998). Her experimental photographic and film works have been featured in festivals and exhibitions in Moscow, Valencia, Sao Paulo, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and London.

The video “About About This” was created especially for the exhibition “Cinema-Photo-Lyudogus” at the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow (curated by Vitaly Patsyukov and Galina Antipova, a member of staff at the Mayakovsky Museum). “The image of Mayakovsky’s Lyudogus character — a creature with a ‘tall’ neck that ‘sees farther than anyone’ and ‘sees only what is most important’ — is transferred to the poet himself. He is an observant traveler who peeks into the epicenters of global culture and captures the leading cultural trends of his time like a photo or video camera.”
This image of the poet, who thinks cinematographically and whose artistic practice is directed toward defining a new aesthetics, was a source of inspiration for Chernikova, as were the ideas of the artistic avant-garde of the 1920s, especially the manifesto of Dziga Vertov: “This film is an experiment in cinematic communication of real events. Without the help of intertitles, without the help of a story, without the help of theater. This experimental work aims at creating a truly international language of cinema based on its absolute separation from the language of theater and literature.”
Digital editing brings together contemporary images of the streets of Moscow, Berlin and Paris and fragments of films from the 1920s in the dynamic space of the journey of Lyudogus, the journey of Mayakovsky, which ends in the static space of his room.
The video features clips from Dziga Vertov’s “Man with a Movie Camera,” Walter Ruttmann’s “Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis” and René Clair’s “Paris Asleep.”