The list of participants of the Kandinsky Prize 2014 exhibition was announced

The shortlist of the nominees of the largest independent Russian contemporary art award was formed on the results of the vote of the international jury and the expert council. Nominees’ works will be exhibited at Udarnik from September 18 till November 30, 2014.

The jury and the expert council of the Kandinsky Prize have picked up 30 works that will form the exposition of the Prize exhibition. The short list of the Project of the Year nomination includes 18 works, while The Young Artist. Project of the Year nomination has 12 works. More than that, five more works from a new nomination called Scientific Study. History and Theory of Contemporary Art will also be on display during the exhibition. Works from this nomination will be announced in August 2014. According to the rules of the Kandinsky Prize, only works that received the highest score in Project of the Year (15 participants), The Young Artist. Project of the Year (10 participants), and Scientific Study (5 works) nominations are allowed to be displayed at the exhibition. This year, the number of the participants was increased because some of the participants have got equal score. Counting of jury’s votes and management of compliance of voting procedures with the rules of the award were provided by EY.

The list of the nominees of the Kandinsky Prize 2014:
(the list is made in the alphabetically)

The Project of the Year nomination (18 nominees out of 157 applications)
1. Evgeny Antufiev. “Twelve, wood, dolphin, knife, bowl, mask, crystal, bones and marble – fusion. exploring materials”
2. Bluesoup Group. “Murk”
3. Vladislav Efimov. “The Wildlife Corner”
4. Olga Florenskaya. “Signs”
5. Rinat Voligamsi. “Snow”
6. Alena Kirtsova. “Grayscale”
7. Irina Korina. “Refrain”
8. Ilya Korobkov. “Dialogues about transforamtion”
9. KultProekt (group of authors). “Urbanism: pro & contra”
10. Lilia Li-mi-yan. “Masters/Servants”
11. Diana Machulina. “The Body of Labor”
12. Bogdan Mamonov. Fragment of the exhibition exposition “ Tranquilizing the Memory”
13. MishMash. “Oglanaz”
14. Pavel Pepperstein. “Holy politics”
15. The ZIP group. “Utopian Skeleton”
16. Where dogs run. “1,4…19”
17. Where dogs run. “Symbolism in Circuit Diagrams”
18. Where dogs run. “Trialogue”

The Young Artist. Project of the Year nomination (12 nominees out of 261 applications)
1. Elena Artemenko. “Event”
2. Antonina Baever. “Getting there together”
3. Victor Linsky. “Defragmentation”
4. Evgeniy Mironov. “Building a metaphor”
5. Vladimir Potapov. “Manifestation”
6. Timofey Radya. “All i know about street art”
7. Timofey Radya. “Figure #2: Game”
8. Elena Rykova. “The Mirror of Galadriel. Musical performance”
9. Maria Safronova. “General game”
10. Svetlana Sergeeva. “Living Spaces”
11. Albert Soldatov. “Balthus”
12. Danila Tkachenko. “Restricted area”

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