Gluschenko Kirill

013-2019_Глущенко КириллKirill Gluschenko
Born in Kaliningrad. Graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Arts Moscow (2008), in 2017 started the master of photography at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig. The winner of the Innovation Award in the category “New Generation” (2017) for personal exhibition “Our Days are Rich and Bright” (Moscow, 2016). Lives between Kaliningrad and Leipzig.

‘Venets. Welcome to The Ideal’
‘space. force. construction’. Venice, V–A–C, 2017
Curated by K. Chuchalina and M. Witkovsky

In an attempt to better understand what constituted the ‘ideal’ as it was presented to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution in 1967 — a date itself just on the eve of yet another important anniversary, Vladimir Lenin’s centenary — I turned to the example of the Hotel Venets. This hotel was part of a larger complex of buildings, that were specially constructed to mark the anniversary in Ulyanovsk, a small Soviet town formerly known as Simbirsk, renamed in honour of its most famous son, Lenin (born Ulyanov). Drawing on the resources of Gluschenkoizdat, a fictional publisher, I produced a publication that delves into the history of the 23-storey hotel. The book juxtaposes newspaper articles from the local edition of Pravda, with secret documents from the Ulyanovsk chapter of the CPSU, mingling official photoreportage with everyday snapshots of hotel employees. Additionally, the found diary of Moscow journalist Boris Merz provides a unique glimpse at several days spent in the Venets just before the 1970 opening of the entire complex, as well as details on of a visit by General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev. A photo album discovered amid the archives of the local history museum, published by the Leningrad architects who designed the hotel, contained photographs of the hotel when it first opened, revealing its original interiors. During its 47 years of operation, the hotel underwent many distinct renovations. For ‘Space Force Construction’, I used one of these photographs as a reference for reconstructing a three-room luxury suite within the palazzo in Venice. Accompanying this is a selection of postcards featuring photographs of today’s Ulyanovsk, titled Ascension into Olympus (a rooftop bar called Olympus recently opened in the Venets.). These images capture my experience of travelling to Ulyanovsk on the eve of the centennial anniversary of the October Revolution. Checking into the hotel, I worked my way up from the first floor to the very top, spending one night in each room, until at last, on New Year’s Eve, I reached ‘Olympus’.

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