Ilya Grishaev

Miziano300pxWas born in Perm. Graduated from Humanities and and Technology Institute in Perm and «Pro Arte» School of the young artists. In his works Ilya Grishaev analyzes the visual language of the surrounding reality, creates symbols that are born as plastic «traces». The winner of the Vth Contest «New projects for Anna Nova gallery».

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The project is an event, the process of creation of a new visual language, graphical writing and a relation between space and the viewer. The gallery is transformed into a cartographical plane that records the artist’s observations; it becomes a kind of a plastic diary, where the works act as the documents, registering the process of their own creation. The exhibition is the system of knowledge; the artist’s experience brings up the topics of freedom and privacy answers the question of what are the necessary conditions for education.

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