Sasha Pirogova

Sasha Pirogova by Ekaterina RitskayaBorn in 1986 in Moscow. MS in Physics from Moscow State University (2010), studied Video and New media at Moscow Rodchenko Art School (2014). Holds the Innovation Prize in the “New generation” category (Moscow, 2014). Was shortlisted for the Future Generation Art Prize (Kiev, 2017). Presents Russia at 57th Venice Biennale (with Grisha Bruskin and the Recycle group) in 2017. Nominee of the Kandinsky Prize in the nomination “Young Artist. Project of the Year “in 2013 and in 2016.

“It’s a 2-channel video performance which develops into a sound composition. It has been conceived on the basis of a script for five people performing with microphones and their bodies in a precisely defined space setup. Using microphones as a symbol of voice, power and manifestation of oneself, the performers explore complex social relations. They examine the individual as well as collective dependences and engagements; the microphones function as sensors to enhance the sound – but not the vocals. Creating an immersive and at times oppressive environment in which the viewer and the performers coexist, the artist tests the dynamic between the notions of power and submission, spontaneity and control”.
Anna Smolak

“Artist’s videos are located between film, videoart, performance and sound. Her works are devoted to movement and its abilities. Artist combines unfamiliar angles with familiar context, uncovering mechanics of habit and automatism of perception. By language of movement and montage the artist composes unusual combinations out of usual visual patterns, leaving them open for interpretation”.
Olga Shishko

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