Danila Tkachenko

tkachenkoDanila Tkachenko lives and works in Moscow. In 2014 he graduated from the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography (supervisor Valeriy Nistratov). In the same year he became the winner of the World Press Photo competition with the project Escape which he worked on for 3 years. In March 2015 he finished the project Restricted Areas which has already received a number of international awards including European Publishers Award For Photography, Burn Magazine grant, and included in the Foam Talents. Nominee of the Kandinsky Prize in 2014.

Laboratory Field
Performativity, artistry, aesthetics are being introduced into our lives. Cognitive is replacing the physical determining the contemporaneity – being of the world in the power of the simultaneous work of many spectacles leading to the blurring of boundaries between art and the social environment. The whole set of modern practices, in which our life is dissolved, becomes an aesthetic but at the same time confined to the consumption system. The ornament formed by mass aesthetically reflects the rationality to which the capitalist system aims thereby erasing the boundary between the museum’s territory and the social space.
In the project more than 200 people were taking part. Participants occupied a predetermined point in the space and performed the given physical action forming an invisible for themselves ornament.
Each staging scene was shot with a multiple number of frames from different points which subsequently gave a hyperdetalized image with no linear perspective. The absence of a single point of view on the image allows the viewer to choose the observation point aand freely look around the image. Thus, putting the photograph and the viewer on an equal footing I try to reduce the distance enclosed in the space-time frame of the photo offering to enter into it and find the point of view and participation.

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