The art group PROVMYZA (Galina Myznikova and Sergei Provorov) was founded in 1998. Video works were awarded at international film festivals with such prizes as Tiger Award of 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Gran Premio for the Best Competing Film of 25th Asolo International Art Film Festival. Winner of the 2012 Innovation Prize of the National Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow in the nomination Visual Art, Grand Prix (2010) and winners in the nomination Best Media Object (2013) of the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award. Live and work in Nizhny Novgorod

Post-mortem chronography (performative diptych)

Performative diptych, one of its performances, Memento Mori Tomb, is made in baroque stylistics and is interpolated into Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Cenotaph transforms Museum of Classical Art into a total, united performative space. According to the poet and critic Nikita Safonov: “Suggested approach is not a synthesis of arts in full sense of the word. It is a concept of event, which creates a supercomplex artistic vortex field inside museum spaces. Performative interventions make an attempt not just to analyze connection between classical and contemporary, but an attempt to invent a whole notion – “ecology of art perception” – which can manifest through event of performance. Such artistic tactic is complex, it can be named as such due to dealing with unaccustomed structure of an event.” Performances explore boundaries and possibilities of human perception in extreme sound, visual and emotional conditions. The project offers to return “primary experience” quality to the process of experiencing of Art through uber-emotion, by nullifying acquired experience of perception of contemporary and classical art. Boundary between sacral and secular, aesthetic and unaesthetic, classic and contemporary, conditionality and affectivity is constantly fluctuating, it becomes unstable and illusory up to complete disappearance.

Diptych. Part I. Cenotaph.

Diptych. Part II. Memento Mori Tomb.

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