Muromtseva Ekaterina

МХ_21_039Born in 1990 in Moscow. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and from the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Founder of the Balkon travelling gallery. Winner of the Innovation Prize (2020, “New Generation”). Lives and works in Moscow.

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What Happens to Others

The project “What Happens to Others” (2019) unites three works:

° a series of watercolor portraits – “Picket” (provided for the exhibition by Teresa and Nicola Mavica),

° the installation “Quarter to twelve” («Без четверти двенадцать»)

° and the video “In this country” ( «В этой стране»)

In this country, there were many rallies and celebrations. People celebrated birthdays, New Year’s Eve, name days, openings, the change of seasons, and the availability of meat. But they didn’t like Worker’s Day, though they worked hard, very hard, and dressed well. Rallies would go on for six or seven hours. People discussed the agenda and then started their rallying: some against the state, others in support of it. Although there was plenty of food and beautiful clothes in the places where the rallies were held, some people still wanted change. There were artists in this country. Sometimes, at rallies, they would make sketches of people and banners. It was easy. subjects naturally suggested themselves. The state arranged everything so as to make everyone protest against particular personalities, and therefore people lost interest in politics. In this country, one could say: politics is what happens to others.

The artist Ekaterina Muromtseva also lived in this country. Her depiction of society was similar to that by Mexican muralists, or the works created in the country that antedated the previous country after slavery was abolished there. Katya attended rallies and celebrations and depicted them truthfully — not like in photographs, not naturalistically, but as if including an invisible layer of protest.

Discerning the ghostly beast inside the sovereign and the sovereign inside the beast, she would draw a large cat in the crowd of protesters. People believed in the power of words and truth; they expressed it in social media and wrote it on banners. Both people and words were gradually banned. Around this country, new amazing empires and robots smarter than humans appeared. But for those people it was hard to even remember the previous country, let alone hatch out in the new one.

Valentin Diaconov

The exhibition was held from 19 September to 20 October, 2019 at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow)

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