Miziano300pxPROVMYZA – association, known by the names of its member artists – Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov, created in 1998. Participation: 51st Venice Biennale,Kunstfilm Biennale/Museum Ludwig, Cologne/,Hors Pistes(Centre Pompidou,Paris),Biennial of Moving Images(Saint-Gervais, Geneva),Montevideo Biennial /Banco Republica, Montevideo/etc. Awards:Tiger Award for Short Film /International Film Festival Rotterdam), Gran Premio for the Best Competing Film / Asolo International Art Film Festival/. Prize:Grand Prix and “Best media work” winner /Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Awards/, NNOVATION Prize in Contemporary Visual Art

Last hour workers

The project investigates ambiguous compilation of own and representative body through a few of single-channel videos of the installations which are slitting ellipsoidal spaces by huge video canvases.The auditory and visuality of the image events are conceptually transformed into the informal annotational texts that gives to the recipient the experience of own staying between immanent and transcendental “I – situation”.
External images affect the image that we call our body: they transmit motion to it.
Displacement of our own body and even its staying at the same place can be neither expressed nor conceived, nor even, finally, perceived without correlating it with certain points, lines, surfaces, volumes, distances that are inscribed in a space, inseparable from our own ego. The initial state of rest makes it even more important the Aristotle’s statement that “the memory is conjugated with the time”, when the body acquires the appearance of a being located on the halfway between “the thing in itself” and “the concept of the modern world”. A false revival happens with a lifeless body gets a vertical position and occupies the place of a character in the picture, resurrecting for the performance of some action or rite. Inexorable transition from the horizontal position to a vertical one and vise verse merges here, in the representation and in the concept, with the transition from the feeling of our own mortality to vitality and further back.

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