3 Art

3art_08_03art_08_00Aleksey Podkidyshev and Igor Chirkin made the creative project “3 art” in 2000. In 2006 they graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Main exhibition projects: “Walks of a little girl” (new names), 2007, ARTMANEGE, Moscow, the exhibition of finalists of the competition “You are an Artist”, 2007, “art4ru”, Moscow, “New Housing Estates”, 2008, “ArtGraph”, Moscow, “… there, where the city ends.”, 2008, the “Volga” Gallery, Moscow.

The project Newly-erected buildings

The New Housing Estates, or Bird Avant-Garde project includes a series of six works not of a large format (50×50 cm). This is a series of works-contemplations on the theme of alternative architecture, which deals with the question of the self-identification of a small silent being in a big city.
The typical desire of an inhabitant of a city is to build his own house, comfortable and aesthetically impressive. It is quite an understandable and natural desire, but why does only man have to possess a good house?
Thinking, through the prism of man’s social problems, about “other” city inhabitants, elevated and free, artists endeavour to draw attention to the ecology of the soul, the moral-ethical aspect. The “egoism” of the “main” city dwellers, their desire to indulge themselves reflects badly on its other dwellers and on the ecological situation in general, not only the ecology of the city, but the ecology of the soul. The interests of man tread on the interests of nature, dancing on the destroyed harmony of reality.

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