Отдельнов Павел Otdelnov Pavel

Pavel Otdelnov

Born in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia. Graduated Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2015, M.F.A. in 2007 and B.F.A. in 2005 in Painting, Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute 2007. Nominee of the of the Kandinsky Prize in 2015 and 2017. Finalist of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award in 2016. In 2019 Moscow Museum of Modern Art held his  personal exhibition «Promzona». Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

The Psychozoic Era Project.

«With the emergence of (…) in the human biosphere, due to his intelligence, the influence of life on our planet uncrosses and changes so much that we can talk about special, psychozoic epoch in the history of our planet. Those changes are analogous to the ones in the Earth wild nature in other geological epoch, for example Cambrian or Oligocene, etc. With the appearance of intellectually gifted living creature on our planet, the planet passes into a new stage of its history», – V. Vernadsky, “Study of the Phenomena of Life and New Physics”. My project is about the interaction of human and natural factors, about the changes in the landscape, which are most often invisible from the surface of the earth. Using satellite images, I find reservoirs for the disposal of industrial waste and collects information on how these objects affect the livelihoods of local residents: some become objects of extreme tourism, or a source of income, whilst others force residents to unite and contact the authorities to remedy the damage from those objects. Paintings are the pieces carved from the wooden plates and accurately reproducing the outlines and appearance of the sedimentation tanks; carved from the wooden plates. In the video created specifically for the project, there are footage from the quadrocopter that was made in the industrial zone of the my hometown Dzerzhinsk and former capital of the Soviet Chemical Industry.

The project was first presented by JART Gallery during COSMOSCOW 2018.

VIDEO: The_Psychozoic_Era.mp4

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