Irina Korina

Miziano300pxWas born in Moscow.Selected solo exhibitions: 2014 – «Scales of Desire». «Refrain», «Chapel».
2009 – «Comma13». Selected group exhibition: 2009 – «Fountain». Works and lives in Moscow.

Humiliated and Elated

This work is devoted to the seducers dull and meaningless coquetry. In front of us the phantoms of things designed phantoms of desire. Their sensitivity and eloquence – in the genetic relationships with our reality and in the nakedness of cultural memory. These crafty products have keys to our senses and emotions. Celebratory tinsel – bohemian society play-catchy and noisy – her life was short-lived and stable. She dies with a holiday or promotions. Maybe the party is over. Strange, beautiful and useless thing in the summertime is a Christmas star. It grows to a spectacular size , acquiring unnatural significance . It is important to become a hero of the installation . Metal deprives her ease in front of us dream – monument – prosthesis entertainment . Memorial dedicated to probably hopes and utopias . This is absurd and a metal case teasing. In a metal case tablet – graphics. There are solid promises and flirty calls – unconscious dreams, but very seductive pieces. Instead of verbally intelligible words, the uncertainty of verbal participle phrases, interjections and pronouns, prepositions. They are slogans, titles of articles and of films. Ghost of hope in the promises of uncertainty, without specifying where and when. Perhaps, the day after tomorrow.

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