Alexander Shishkin

Miziano300pxWas born in Saint Petersburg. In 1995 graduated from Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. From 1998 is the member of Russian Union of Artists. Works as the theatre artist, creates paintings, installations and performances. From 2010 participates in the artistic group «Art. Parazit gallery». The project «Juices! Light!» was nominated for Kandinsky Prize («Project of the year») in 2011. Works and lives in Saint Petersburg.

Growing practice

That project — today is the largest outdoor installation, it consists of more than 200 pieces. The figure of «teacher» has a height of almost 12 meters. All figures are drawn by the author himself. The plot shows the installation ritual transfer of knowledge — a lesson similar to the mass. However, the «teacher» of the «disciples» differ only in the size and «social role». All installation characters — girls prepubertal age. Growing up on the artist — embedding the individual has to obviously absurd and repressive system of social relations, which is broadcast in the culture through the educational institutions — the church and the school. Therefore, never forget that adults are grown kids. The artist uses in his work specifics of the building — during the day in sunny weather, light passing through the window openings animates installation, gradually moving it highlights, as it ignites, the individual figures and the «disciples» of the group, leaving thw «teacher» is always in the shade.

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