Roman Mokrov

Miziano300pxWas born in Elektrougli, Moscow district. Roman is an artist and a photographer.
He graduated from the Moscow State Regional University (2010), studied in Free Workshops School for Contemporary Art at MMOMA and Institute for Contemporary Art in Moscow (2011).

People have different songs

Permanent mood for holidays and entertainment captured today, not only the inhabitants of the Russian capital, but also small towns inhabitants, settlements, places where, in the general view, home to “ordinary people” and which manifests itself, they say, his “selfhood”. If the holidays in Moscow designed by designers and quizmaster and are the product of, if not high, yet professional culture, the provincial celebration by anyone other than the police, are not regulated. It is believed that this is a spontaneous manifestation of the people’s spirit . As documentary evidence of the witness – the author earns at weddings, corporate parties and other celebrations – the video project offers a completely different perspective on contemporary Russian “folklore”. Like the popular thinking as a whole, our present “grassroots culture” has a cast of entertaining TV clichés and only its aesthetic merit is involuntarily parodic and grotesque distortion of them.

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