Svetlana Baskova

Film director, screenwriter and producer. She graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Since 1996 works in the movies. The author of several films, including «Cocchi – running doctor», «The Green Elephant», «Five bottles of vodka», «Head» and others. Participant of Russian and international film festivals. Responsible for the exhibition of young artists. Since 2011 is the director of the Institute «Base», created in cooperation with Anatoly Osmolovsky.

The nineties in the first person. Volume One. Anatoly Osmolovsky Oleg Mavromati, Dmitry Pimenov, Alexander Brener, Sergei Kudryavtsev

The documentary project «The nineties in the first person» is a compilation of interviews with key figures of the Moscow’s 1990s’ art scene. The aim is to present a trace of time from the first-person point of view, with as little editing applied as possible. The book comprises the private stories, as well as reflections on that period and country’s history and culture in general. The first volume includes interviews with Anatoly Osmolovsky, Oleg Mavromatti, Dmitri Pimenov, Alexander Brener and Sergei Kudryavtsev. The next volumes which we plan to publish will contain interviews with many other witnesses and figures of Russian cultural life.

Svetlana Baskova about the project:
This project unites some of the most bright figures of my time. My intention is to make the presentation as accurate as possible. These are not simply the interviews in traditional questions and answers form these are the stories told from the first point of view, which I tried not to interrupt.

Sometimes, to understand / feel the time there is no need to search for the «objective» facts and events. Instead it is better to try multiplying the different versions of some specific events told by totally different people who performed the accurate gestures in exact time and exact place — and thus captured the moment.

I consider myself absolutely happy person because I know that my life, my experiences are stored only true way. The image, which can not be bought or «pull from above», make to order, repeat or change, it is the nineties.

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