Liudmila Bredihina

Bredikhina300pxCritic, curator and specialist in the field of gender studies. She graduated from the Philological Faculty of the Moscow State University. Author-compiler of the anthology «Gender theory and art», together with Kathy Dipuell (2006), author of the books: «Oleg Kulik» (2015), «The mythology of the media. Experience the historical description of the creative biography. Aleksei Isaev (1960-2006)», together with Olga Szyszko (2013), «Ivan Chuikov: Ivan Chuikov» (2010), and other co-author Oleg Kulik in the program «Zoofreniya» (1994-2004).
Visiting Professor of XIII International School in Gender Studies (2009, Foros). The main curatorial projects: Labyrinths Ivan Chuikov (MMOMA, Moscow, 2010), Women in the Arts Festival, the project «Creative Kitchen» (New Manege, Moscow, 2010), Gender Trouble (1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, MMOMA, 2005)

Oleg Kulik

The book is devoted to Oleg Kulik – one of the most famous avant-garde artists and aims to define the role and place of the artist in the context of the development of national and world culture.

Liudmila Bredihina:
«When Oleg was a teenager he had planned to enter the dreams of mankind and did a lot for this. He wanted to radically change the language of art (what the artist does not want to!) – And he’s done something for that.
Oleg Kulik learned to fly, attempted to create a happy family with a thoroughbred dog, bitten viewer, ran for president, crawled deep into the live cow to understand the origins of the Russian special Thrust, looking for enlightenment in Tibet and Mongolia. Finally, he tried to abandon all existing cultures in the search for a universal language that looks perfect utopia …

<…> For an unprecedented eccentricity of his works and gestures always stood longing to say the most important thing that happens to a person in the modern world».

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