Alek Epstein

Epstein300pxHistorian, sociologist and cultural studies. He graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. “Total “War” Author of books. Art Activism tandemocracy era “and “Spiritual Combat: The struggle for a new life in the art of Christian sacred images”. Author-composer of the album “The Art of the barricades: “Pussy Riot”, “Bus Exhibition” and protest art activism”.
Initiated publication of the series “Masters of Russian art abroad”, which produced albums Peter Gluzberga, Benjamin Kletzel, Alexander Rabin, Joseph Zlatkina and other artists.

Oscar Rabine: A Life Captured on Canvas

It is the first book on this outstanding painter ever written with his participation, though a huge number of sources, collected in various countries and archives, were used as well. This is not just a book about this particular artist, but rather an account of the second Russian avant-garde artists’ struggle, hopes and disillusions during the Soviet and post-Soviet years.

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