Marakulina Asya

571-2019_Маракулина Анастасия

She was born in Perm, and firstly studied in the studio «Art-C», where Mikhail Pavlyukevich taught.  In parallel, she got a degree in a Computer Graphics. When she moved to St. Petersburg, she studied at the «PRO ARTE» and graduated from the Faculty of Arts at SPU as Animation Film Designer. Such a mixed artistic background allows her to use quite diverse ways and techniques – graphics, painting, video, animation, fabrics, creating ghostly landscapes on the border of the imaginary and reality.

A room to rest

This project has developed as a series of discretely created works in the last few years between Perm and Petersburg. Large-scale embroidery, going into objects and installations, complemented by fine graphics, outlines a new stage in the development of the artist.

This exhibition is about a room as a capsule of very personal experiences, where each work [as a result of traditional women’s sewing practices] as a kind of trigger attracts and pushes at the same time, reflecting the fear of being left alone and with your own fears.

All the works are full of sensitive attention to the line, here the line – as a living history or a special language, for the artist, it is the perfect way to express thoughts. Cross-lines, meet-excite, again and again constructing and reassembling repetitive patterns of thinking and behavior.

Obeying the logic of the exhibition space, the exposition has developed into a four-part structure of concentrated state rooms that are inexpressible in a different way. Of the works of recent years, several series of repetitive images of motifs, such as a room, a window, a door, bearing traces of psychoanalytic theory have come together by chance.

The room, according to the artist, is itself an exposition model: an ideal container for an emotional state. Here, as in a trap of optical illusions: the exhibition in the exhibition, the room in the room, the picture in the picture and the room in the picture.

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