Махачева Таус (2) Makhacheva Taus (2)

134-2019_Махачева Таус

Born in Moscow, Russia in 1983. Her work consistently focuses on the history and images of her native land. The artists graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths (2007) and an MFA from the Royal College of Art (2013), both London.  She has been awarded the Moscow Biennale Art Foundation Prize (2015), the Future of Europe Prize (Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig, 2014) and the Innovation Prize of the National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow (2012).

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Spa.

Artist creates a live and running spa that incorporates multiple elements including ruin-like sculptural fragments made in collaboration with artist
Alexander Kutovoi; a new range of beauty products developed for this work by Tigran Geoletsyan from 22|11 Cosmetics; a performance script written by DavidьMcDermott; and videos. The spa invites visitors to book a Signature Sculptural Facial treatment lasting approximately
29 minutes. The treatment is carried out by a performer while she tells stories of works of art that have been reduced to dust. Each treatment brings the visitor into close proximity with a material history of artworks that are redeployed as ingredients in the cosmetic products. The The project poses questions of what does it mean to be restored, and what does it mean to be a restorer.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Q7IumWufeno

Sculptural installation production: Ian Colligan, Grigorii Kostukov, Alexander Kutovoi, Anton Lubny, Artem Mazurkevich, Kseniya Nechai Video

Camera: Alžběta Kovandová

Performer: Alice Lenkiewicz Sound: Alexandr Khoklov Signature Sculptural Facial Live-Performance

Script written by David McDermott Performers: Juliet Davis, Alice Lenkiewicz

Beauty products: Tigran Geoletsyan, 22|11 Cosmetics

Production: Malika Alieva, Sarah Happersberger, Huma Kabakci, Kseniya Skorytchenko Costumes: Karine Temirkhanova Glassware: Daria Bolhovitina Special thanks to: Sabih Ahmed, Michael Banissy, Chris Butler, Brenda Freeman, Beth Jowett, Hazel Kidds, Asya Zaslavskaya Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2018

Production supported by Georgy Djaparidze, narrative projects, London, 22|11 Cosmetics, Metal and Castle Fine Arts Foundry

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