Art group “Ustinov City”

622-2019_Город Устинов

The group members were born in 1986 in a place that is not on modern maps. They live and work in a moving city, constantly inventing its territory. Their main purpose is learning to feel and appreciate the space, starting with the particles of it.


“Authors make microscopic objects that are often invisible to the macroscopic gaze of modern humans, who are used to 360° panoramas and aerial photographs. In its objects, “…” discerns entire universes, directs cosmogonies, and creates worlds on the other side of visible reality. “…” presents a quasi-retrospective, which occupies a single showcase divided into five parts. Each section represents in concentrated form the “…’s” “genetic code”—architectural blueprints assembled from grains of sand, sculptures made with used cartridges and “texts” or crypto-manifestos consisting of found objects and pieces of cloth that imitate the development of organic life. The form of the showcase (a ring with a gap, as found on the Landolt-C eye chart) calls upon the viewer to adjust their optics and learn to see beyond the obvious in order to discover new worlds and the possibility of escape.”

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