Savchenkov Kirill

623-2019_Савченков Кирилл

In 2018 he took part in the 12th edition of Gwangju Biennale. In 2017 he had the solo show “Office of Sensitive Activities / Applications Group” organised by V-A-C Foundation in MMOMA, participated in the 4th Ural Industrial Biennial. In 2018 Savchenkov was awarded with Innovation Art Prize, in 2017 received the scholarship of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. He has been teaching in The Rodchenko Art School (Moscow) since 2013.

Ch(K)ris(tin). Close Air Support

While the relations change between technology and politics, body and intellect, civilian and military, the rise of hybrid political regimes changes the nature of conflict. Disorders, distortions and anachronisms accompany the global political processes and the everyday experience of contact with information.

Room 1
The story is about a veteran of a war on terror. Kristin Beck is a retired US Navy SEAL. While being a person experiencing gender dysphoria she had also battled with PTSD. Waging two wars – one within her body and the other outside, Kristin has acquired an irregular experience.

Room 2
Soviet artist Vadim Sidur was often compared to Henry Moore. Despite some formal similarities, their contexts were different. Both had experiences of wars, both were wounded. Both artists were interested in radical experiences of bodies, materials and objects.

Stress disorder and radical mental-material experience are connected by the story of veterans, where ideology, technology and politics are woven together into a battlefield as if into a knot of a question “to be one whom you have not been?”.
The work consists of two-channel audio installation and mixed media sculpture. The space of the Sidur museum filled with brown light. The beams of light and sound are elements of re-contextualizing of the dialog between Sidur’s sculptures and the project. Audio installation’s inner structure refers to poetic memoirs by Vadim Sidur titled “The Monument to the Current State”.

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