Kraft Egor

624-2019_Крафт Георгий

Intermedia artist Egor Kraft (b. 1986, Leningrad) lives and works in Berlin & Moscow. His work spans fields of media, science, critical research, philosophy & art.
He graduated from Rodchenko School, Academy of Arts Vienna, C. St. Martins College & Strelka Institute. Egor was nom­i­nated for In­no­va­tion Prize, Kuryokhin Prize twice, Creative Enterprise Award & Pulsar Prize. In 2017 he was included in the New East 100, a list of people and projects shaping our world today by Calvert Journal, UK

Ákkta solo show.

A first artists solo gallery exhibition in which many of his major works produced over the recent years have been exhibited, including new and previously non exhibited projects.

‘Structures of exponentially increasing capacities, synthetic intelligence, data monopolies and power structures, ubiquitous mechanic analysis and interpretation, planetary scale computation, technopolitics and cyberwars, agencies human and artificial, biotechnological interventions, speculative crypto-economies – all these and many other non-human cognitive perspectives reconstitute the aspect of human and a new geological epoch.
In how far is the human aspect subject to technology? To what degree and from what viewpoint is the human aspect autonomous, unpredictable, unquantifiable, faulty, irrational? How shall this human aspect coexist along with the precise ubiquitous machinic automated organisation?
Having once seen the surface under a microscope, we will never again see it as we knew it before. How may we redefine the ‘human’ after seeing the world through the lens other synthetic forms of perception and cognition? Asking this political, ethical and aesthetic questions constitutes new challenges for artistic production, as a primordially ‘human’ project.’

Text by author of the exhibition.

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