Aidan Salahova

salakhova_08_0Born in Moscow. Graduated extramurally from the Moscow State Art Institute n. a. V. I. Surikov. One of the organisers and joint owners of “First Gallery”, Moscow. In 1992 founded “Aidan-gallery”. Teacher in the Moscow State Art Institute n. a. V. I. Surikov. Member-correspondent of the ArtsAcademy of the Russian Federation. Awarded the silver medal of the ArtsAcademy of the RF. Member of the Plenary Public Chamber of the RF. Academician of the Arts Academy of RF.

Persian Miniatures

Aidan has built her art on the myths of Beauty, Harmony and Perfection personified in seminude women, beautiful female-warriors, Ingres-like heroines. However, notwithstanding the formal “prettiness” of all her works, she is one of the most provocative Russian artists.Aidan ignores mainstream. Courageously, she has returned sensuality — a topic which was rejecting by the pioneers of avant-garde and which was for a long time linked with bourgeois vulgarity of the salon-style painting and kitsch — to the realm of contemporary art.
Series of drawings Persian Miniatures was started on a notebook not for being exhibited to foreign eyes, but as a private occupation. It contains very little eroticism. There are instead a lot of sensuality, secrets, and surrealistic figurativeness. Not a single element in this series has one meaning only. The heroines’ touches and embraces are not particularly erotic. Most probably, this story is all about finding the right partner — which is a topic dear to many strong and independent women. It is not strange that in this series we find a book (an anatomy atlas) and a mirror, which are symbols of self-knowledge, and mosques miniature models with delicate hands holding the minarets, which are symbols of faith. Clearly, the minarets that the women caress and cover with protective gestures are an evident reminder of Freud, and, at the same time, they make you think of a radical interpretation of mystic ecstasies of Sufism.

Maria Kravtsova

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