Albert Soldatov

soldatovAlbert Soldatov was born in Moscow in 1980. Graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts. Degree in Graphic Art. After graduating he pursued painting and design. Then he was accepted in The School of Rodchenko to study photography and multimedia (2010-2014) in the department of new media.
Interest in contemporary media as a phenomenon of art and culture, video, new audio-visual interactive technologies, film language and narrative.


Video consists of 10 scenes which formally represent characters of the Balthus’s paintings. The characters are frozen in an atmosphere of idleness and actualize the hovering as if in a trance consciousness of a modern man, a user of social networks and forums where information is presented in a fragmented form. These fragments are short emotions, evaluations, opinions, jokes. The Internet space appears as a field of meaningless fragmented information. The characters in the video together with a superimposed narrated quotes from the Internet express infantile consciousness of a network user.
Sound – voiceover dialogues composed of quotes from social networks.

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