Aladdin Garunov

garunovAladdin Garunov was born in the Ukuz Kurahskogo district of the Republic of Dagestan. Since 1977 he’s lived in Moscow. In 1985 he graduated from MoscowStateArtUniversity ( StroganovSchool). Since 1990 he has been a member of the Union of Artists. In 2006 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Republic of Dagestan. Garunov has participated in the second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and many group exhibitions and fairs around the world. His solo exhibitions have been repeatedly held in museums including the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2006). Garunov’s works are owned by several Russian museums, the Kolodzei Art Foundation ( New Jersey, USA) and prestigious private collectors.


The Zikr art project was presented in 2009 in a wing of the ruins of the Moscow Museum of Architecture.
The concept of Zikr — or “remembrance” — refers to Islamic spiritual practice, namely, the glorification of the divine name and the repeated utterance of prayer formulas which aim to bring us closer to the Almighty. During the Zikr, a special rhythmic motion can occur with specific postures and controlled breathing. The practice of Zikr is used mainly by Sufi brotherhoods, headed by Sheikh-teachers.
Apart from the religious component, I was deeply touched by problems of the modern globalized world and the blurring of national and religious backgrounds. Global mass culture, pop art and ethnic tradition — this concept is largely incompatible. Zikr examines this border and the struggle of opposites.
Being an artist and a Muslim, I am more interested in the problems of the spiritual existence of man in the modern industrial world. It is ironic that these two contradictory concepts are side by side, touching and affecting each other.
I performed Zikr using the attributes of two opposing worlds. It is also the opposition of two models of civilization: the technically advanced West and the traditional, patriarchal and spiritual East.
Video installations are an integral part of the project.

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