Alexander Brodsky

BrodskyAlexander Brodsky was born in 1955 and graduated the Moscow Architectural Institute. Нe was one of the leaders of the ‘Paper Аrchitecture’ movement in the 1980s. Since 1993 he has been engaged in architectural projects, graphics, sculpture and installations. In 2000 Brodsky founded his own architectural practice bureau. He has won international competitions and participated in exhibitions all over the world. His works are held in many museums and private collections. He lives and works in Moscow.

The Road

Brodsky’s The Road installation was realized for the first time in 2010, as part of his solo exhibition at the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art.
The installation space is absorbed by twilight. There are four circles of shelves with striped mattresses, each with three floors. Between them are light boxes over little tables and windows, hidden by a white cloth billowing in the wind. On the tables you find glasses on coasters with jingling teaspoons. Pairs of identical men’s slippers are on the floor. The illusion of movement is created by sound and dynamic effects.
As in other projects, the materials chosen by Brodsky for art objects refer to the way of life of the average “little man”. The Road embodies the best qualities of this artist and architect: design-based thinking, laconism, the ability to create an emotional aura and many connotations from ordinary materials. Behind the seeming clearness of this project is a voluminous semantic space in which holiday and flight are fused with communal life and compulsion.
Brodsky uses a game of sounds, vibrations, light and shade, immersing the spectator in a borderline state: like you are here, but still a little bit “there, on that side”. This motive of uncertainty is deeply implanted in Russian culture and very important for the artist. Brodsky’s major creative theme is a stable balance between past and present, collective and personal, public and private, the ordinary and metaphysical.

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