Alexander Klimtsov

klimtcov_08_0Studied in the St. PetersburgArtCollege n. a. N. K. Roerich, in the Design Department (1995-2001). Freelance artist (2001) Actively works in painting, contemporary photography, design (2006) Solo exhibition in “Art-Moscow 2007”. Was presented by the Gallery “ASA ART GROUP” (2007) Participated in the First St.Petersburg Art Biennale. A participant in a large number of group exhibitions of young St. Petersburg artists.

The dynamic, as if drawing the viewer into the frame of some film, works of the young St. Petersburg artist Alexander Klimtsov combine in themselves the painting traditions of Neo-Expressionism and the conceptual nature of Pop Art. If one talks about genres, then Alexander’s art — is art based not as much on photography as on the interpretation of films and computer games.
The artist’s technique deserves separate attention because he paints the mirror image of the original on the reverse side of glass, and when the viewer looks at the work from the front the image is inverted. The strokes are applied in several layers creating depth and the sense of time compressed into one moment.
As a means of expression the artist prefers plexiglass and acrylic to the traditional canvas and oil which demonstrates his attempt to depart from the canons of classical art. In this way Klimtsov’s art is an experiment, an attempt to be super-modern and topical in a situation of cultural stagnation and break-up of social ties. Bright, lively acrylic colours and aggressive, but well judged strokes — are simultaneously a creation of the new and a protest. A protest not against something concrete, but a protest as a certain huge bundle of energy which is searching for an outlet.

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