Alexander Slyusarev

slusarevAlexander Slyusarev (1944–2010) was a photographer and translator. He started artistic photography in the 1970s, going on to become a nonconformist art leader who influenced many contemporary Russian photographers. He contributed to the theory and practice of analytical and metaphysical photography that gives familiar, common objects deep meanings and implications. Slyusarev’s work features in prestigious museums and private collections all over the world.


Alexander Slyusarev was always interested in objects and details of everyday life, presented not in their mundane form but in their existential dimension. In his photo series The Route, which is constructed of close-ups and medium shots, the artist carefully observes the world created by man — even though man himself is never in the shot. The eye of the photographer is the analytical eye of an urban observer capable of revealing deep meanings in the surrounding world.
This project also represents a new way of existence for contemporary photography: these pictures were originally presented in the artist’s blog. This lively and creative practice implies that viewers are active participants of online discussions about each new photo.
The Route represents the metaphysical tradition in photography, when the nature of things and space is revealed in very simple everyday landscapes. The artist even comes up with a special term for them — “flat landscapes”, which have no straight-line relationships or diagonal perspective. Behind the mundane simplicity of the images, one can see philosophical traditions and visual expertise. The artist plays with cultural baggage with a touch of irony, combining “the finest” and “the unworthy”: in the accidental stains of paint on the walls one can recognize features of abstract expressionism, in configurations of everyday objects — constructivism, and in patterns of light and shade — graphical minimalism.

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