Alexei Buldakov and Pyotr Bystrov

buldakov_bistrovAlexei Buldakov. Member of the Radek Group (2000-2005). Has participated in exhibitions in Moscow, Athens, Prato and Berlin. Pyotr Bystrov. Member of the Radek Group. Contributed to a special project at the 2nd Moscow Biennale (2007); has participated in exhibitions in Paris, Athens, Prague, Zurich and Bratislav, among other cities. Curator and instructor.

Pantless Party
In 1997, a group of young artists, musicians and activists who were attending Avdey Ter-Oganyan’s School of Contemporary Art in Moscow formed the Radek Community. From its very inception, this collective staged “utopian experiments” in the form of street actions and art exhibitions, aimed at analyzing the role and influence of alternative culture in today’s society. Pantless Party gives an account of the group’s 10-year existence. The project includes documentary footage of the group’s performances and exhibitions in art spaces, unrealized projects and interviews with Ter-Organyan, Kirill Preobrashenky and Anatoly Osmolovsky, three artists who have exerted a great influence on the group. Alexei Buldakov and Pyotr Bystrov, two of the most active members of the Radek Group and the authors of this anthological video, have succeeded in producing a work which is more than a mere selection of poignant moments from the group’s video archive. Rather, it serves as a critical reflection on their community.
Antonio Geusa

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