Alena Kirtsova

kirtsovaAlena Kirtsova. Born in 1954 in the village of Barentsburg (o- in Svalbard ) . In 1973-1975 studied painting at the private school an underground artist Vasily Sitnikov , Moscow . In 1986-1987 was one of the founders and a member of the amateur association “Hermitage” , Moscow . In 1993 co-founded the Foundation “Utopia” , Moscow . Lives and works in Moscow .


In this project Alena Kirtsova uses grisaille technique to demonstrate reduced to a series of short Suprematist formula landscape vistas . The whole project is presented as a set of concise achromatic rhymes in which encoded various experiences infinite landscape. Kirtsova calls the series and the entire show ” Grayscale ” by introducing an imaginary distance kinda graded test pattern written by a palette knife – oil on canvas . Familiar to the viewer and the artist for the iconic colored horizontal stripes in its ” landscape ” fundamentally desaturated , devoid of spectral brightness , reclassified as ” colorless ” . This transition does not impoverish painting, but , on the contrary , it leads to the monumental expression in which tableau acquires quality lapidary or ” carved in stone ” in the accurate translation of the Latin. ” Holes ” – a series within a series , white, gray and black concentric squares – switch the viewer with the horizon line in space, where there is only light and darkness engulfs it . Plain and simple. As an epitaph.

Yuri Avvakumov

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