Victor Alimpiev

vlimpievHe was born in Moscow in 1973. He graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art School in memory of 1905 and the school “New Strategies of Contemporary Art” at the Institute for Contemporary Arts. His works are in the collection of the NCCA, MMOMA, the Museum of Modern Art of Antwerp (MUHKA), the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, the Contemporary City Foundation, the Trussardi Foundation, the TATE Modern Gallery (Great Britain) and the Georges Pompidou Center. Nominee of the Kandinsky Prize in the nomination “Project of the Year” in 2008.

Three women are involved in a cyclic movement, based on the execution of a mysterious text. In the musical sense, each of the cycles is based on a three-part scheme: a chord, increasing the interval to an octave and construction of a new chord, which ends with the pronunciation of the phrase-recitative. The interval and height of each cycle are different, because they are determined by changing positions of actresses having different voice range.
The goal of the artist is a generalized performing subject, with the participation of which the process of work on the artwork and the work of the artwork itself is exposed. The performer dissolves as a private figure, recording and being enchanted by his disappearance. The internal logic of execution always generates a surplus. In this surplus, the voice of the work can be found, it becomes possible to read its comment to itself. The generalized subject can be called the work itself in the same way in which the meta description of the action belongs to the action itself.
To give a voice to an artwork is to impartially point out the existence of a law that initiates and regulates the appearance and development of it. Bringing together a number of sign systems referring to the same thing, the artist creates excess pressure for the jump necessary to open a new horizon.
The artist completes the video with text materials that unfold the performer’s experience: scenarios recorded by her hand, choreography schemes, references and clues.

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