Alla Esipovich

esipovich_aWas born in Leningrad, graduated from the State University of Arts and Culture majoring in Cultural Studies and Art-expertise. Hers exhibitions were in the museums (selection):The State Russian Museum, The State museum Tsaritsyno, Zimmerli Art Museum, USA, Chelsea Art Museum, USA. The works of Alla Esipovich belong to the museum and private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Netherlands.

Public places for common use
The title of this series quite accurately defines the spatial circumstances in which Alla Esipovich’s characters exist: truly public environments, utilitarian in the extreme, thoroughly “groped over” by both hands and eyes. What could be colder, more impersonal and “nobody’s” than the interior of a morgue, a peddlers’ zone outside a cemetery or an amusement park?

They serve different purposes, these spaces, all equally necessary for the functioning of society (satisfying the requirements of various social activities and rituals via corresponding institutions, from the burial to entertainment industries). However, it’s the totally indispensable, common and functionally determined nature of these spaces which leads to their peculiar emotional desolation, abandonment and rejectedness — “after use”. People seem to shun places connected with moments of grief and, strange as it may seem, amusement (there’s a whole cultural theme, developed both in literature and the cinema, centered around spaces “after amusement”: the theatrical troupe or the circus has departed, and the space it left behind is distinctly and uniquely signified). All of this is subtly felt by Alla Esipovich: the impersonality and anonymity of the environments she chooses — and their peculiar, afflicted humanity.


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