Anastasia Ryabova

ryabovaBorn in 1985 in Moscow. Holds a master’s in philosophy. Member of the collective and a project agent for

Artists’ Private Collections

(finalist of Kandinsky Award 2011 in the “Media-art. Project of the Year”) is a utopia realized in virtual space. The autonomy of art from the market, curators and other intermediaries that interfere in the nexus of artist, work and spectator is desired by many artists, and is found in the social network of informal relations between artists, where the link is the work of art. The critical power of this project is not in its negation of the transactional aspect of the art world, but in offering a positive alternative, linking the strictly private space of artists’ studios to the public space of the Internet. Artists’ Private Collections is a research process in which the artist becomes a contemporary art institution, without losing any of the characteristics of an author, but acquiring a new degree of the “institutional” freedom. Artists’ Private Collections is an archive that creates its own community, and at the same time it is a community that comes to life in the archive. The project has no physical form per se. The mechanism around which the project accretes, and the principle by which it takes shape, is the work of art. This system concentrates interrelated forces, transforming them into interdependent forces that are focused on the work of art. Each new attempt to give physical shape to the project produces merely a representation of an interim stage of research, in which the researcher and his material are artists and their works.


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