Anastasia Ryabova

ryabovaBorn in 1985 in Moscow. Holds a master’s in philosophy. Member of the collective. An agent for the project.

Where is your banner, dude?

What is the essence of the horror of the present day? Is it in affirming the ‘post-ideological’ character of modernity, which finds its expression in ranks of banners and flags? Equal among equals, deprived of content, form, historical sense. Or in the megalomaniac project of making the largest flagpole in the world, worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records? Or is it in the lazy street decorations in big cities — hundreds of brackets for flags along roads and on the facades of buildings, covered with symbols according to the rhythm of the official state calendar? When does this mess get taken seriously? When all parties agree that “it can no longer continue,” there is no such thing as an epoch “after ideology,” and we need new flags and banners? When demand for change is formulated and accepted by all stakeholders in the debate? But no changes are taking place. Over and over again there is a hysterical demand for change and the articulation of its urgent need. This is like running on the spot, and it deforms the very grounds on which the demand is made. Form, which can provide the content that is desired, is twisted in an abstract prettiness, mutates into a mon­strous spider or simply turns into a clothes hanger. Where is your banner, dude? Can it fix this horrible mess? Or let it continue — all these structures are not needed anymore. Will we always be able to find somewhere to stick our flags?

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