Andrey Blazhnov

blazhnovAndrey Blazhnov was born in 1973 inKhabarovsk.
He graduated the art-graphic faculty of KhabarovskStatePedagogicalUniversity and the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art. He joined the Union of Artists of Russia in 2000.
He has trained in Japan (2004) and Paris (2007).
In 2005 he was awarded a prize of excellence at the Hyogo international painting competition, Kobe, Japan.


“The cost of labor, like any other commodity, is determined by the
labor time necessary for its reproduction.”
Marx, Capital, vol. 3

One day, as I departed Moscow by train, I was staring at the railroad. My eyes moved smoothly along the straight rails, as long as the railroad did not violate the arrows of this movement. I randomly selected one of them and continued to stare at this point. The speed was great, and the movement continued as long as my mind did not hit a railway line in the form of crosses. The idea of this feeling never left me: in March I took a video on my phone, saving it to the desktop of my computer.

On March 29, 2010, when reading online materials about the tragic Moscow metro terrorist attack, I saw a link for downloading video from metro surveillance cameras, and saved the file without hesitation. After some time, watching the first video, I meditated on the words of a trader in the train. He offered goods at a certain price… and I was then shocked by an accident, the sudden switch to a video of the terrorist attack…

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