Andrei Filippov

felipovBorn in 1959 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka. Graduated from the production faculty at the MKhAT School (1981). In 1982-84 participated in the work of the Aptart gallery. A co-organizer (1987) and active participant in the Avant-Garde Club (KLAVA). Lives and works in Moscow.

The exhibition was included in the second part of a “triptych” of projects that the Cupidon Creative Association is showing at the Stella Art Foundation (the first part took place in the autumn and winter of 2009). Each part of the triptych includes a group exhibition and a solo exhibi­tion by one participant. For his exhibition Filippov created a varied set of works in which center stage is taken by electro-dynamic objects — closing and opening fans featuring images of the sky. Be­hind each fan there is a luminous disc on which the hand of an angel has been painted holding a scroll; the disc is seen at the moment when the fan begins to close. The whole installation is titled “Rolling Blackout.” The technical meaning of this phrase is a complete or partial shutdown of the power supply. But clearly this concept is merely a semantic trigger for a chain of metaphors. For Filippov a blackout is associated primarily with the End of Days in the Judaeo-Christian sense or, more specifically, with one of the stages of this global armageddon, when “the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together” (Book of Revelation, 6:14) or when “the heavens shall be rolled to­gether as a scroll” (Book of lsaiah, 34:4).

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