Anton Litvin

LitvinHas had solo exhibitions in various Moscow galleries (1994 – 2005) and participated in actions and performances (1993-2007). Participated in “Manifesta” (2002), the Prague Biennale (2003), the Venice Biennale (Russian pavilion, 2005, with the ESCAPE program) and special projects for the 1st and 2nd Moscow Biennales (2005, 2007), among others.

The media are constantly bombarding us with images of violence and death from war zones. Twenty-four-hour news networks broadcast a steady stream of reports from Iraq and other war-torn places. The movie industry — not just Hollywood, but Russia’s as well — is particularly adept at sugarcoating a bitter pill, turning war into spectacle and turning a huge profit while doing so. Predictably, this steady diet of war news and “sweetened” war drama has exhausted the topic’s novelty. We are now so desensitized that we have lost our capacity to assess critically what is happening. The horror and pain of real war has somehow become obscured. In Far War, Anton Litvin poses an open question to the mass media: “What does war have to do with it?”
Antonio Geusa


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