Antonina Baever

baeverAntonina Baever was born in Moscow in 1989. She has studied at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (MSUC) and at the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (Kirill Preobrazhenski’s course). Selected shows and festivals: Getting there together (Triumph gallery, Moscow), Bergen Assembly (Bergen, Norway), Time shall be no more (Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow).

Getting there together.

I dreamt of Malevich. For the entire dream he forced me to play him at cards. He said we should play the game Fool, but in fact the rules were very different. I asked: “Perhaps we should play backgammon?” He shook his head sharply: “No.”
Before that, three weeks ago, I dreamt of Caravaggio. For some reason we were speaking in English. Periodically, he made certain sounds akin to the groaning of an English bulldog. “Historicisms,” I thought.
And a year and a half ago I clearly remember that I dreamt of Bruegel. In the dream, everyone outside was shouting: “Bruegel! Bruegel!” I came home and he was sitting in the kitchen. I stopped in the doorway, dithering uncertainly, I couldn’t understand which Bruegel this was – Senior, Junior, or Jan.
But asking would’ve been a little awkward.

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