Ania Zhelud

zhelud_08_0Born in St. Petersburg. Studied in the St. PetersburgArtCollege n. a. N. K. Roerich; the Saint PetersburgIndustrial-ArtAcademy n. a. V. P. Muhina. Participated in Russian and international exhibitions. Member of the St. Petersburg Creative Artists’ Union. Curator of the project “The Session of Young Art”.

Учреждение культуры

I work with form, with object, with essence of object.
I work with surface of form as well as uncover its substance.
My projects are usually related to interaction between man and thing, to displacing of man by thing, to belonging of body to alive and lifeless nature, to tactile perception of the world we live in. Apart from the object as it is, I’m interested in space organization and changing the environment around it.
Or its influence on the environment — “The Process of Transition”.Zone of contact between real and made-up world. Structurization — invisible, evident.
“Scheme of Space of Elementary Happiness”: a table, a chair, a bed, a wardrobe, a picture on the wall, a book.
“Scheme of Space of Non-Elementary Happiness”: apparently the same set of things but they belong to two people.
“Anatomy of Dead Nature” — basic domestic symbols.
“Dangerous Things Left Back”: things causing alarm but actually harmless — bags, hand carts, jackets, boxes.
At “Wedding” there always should be a bouquet, a pie, a limo and a wedding dress.
In “Cultural Establishment” there usually is a wardrobe, a piano, pictures on the walls, a row of chairs, a table with a computer,bookshelf, and it’s always crowded there.
Inventarization, nomenclature, attribution.
The whole world seems to be drawn, sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively
And what if we imagine all this? anxiety…

Anya Zhelud

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