Anya Zholud

zheludBorn in 1981 in Leningrad. Studied at Roerich St. Petersburg Art Institute and the Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Art and Industrial Academy. Over 15 solo exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg since 2001. Participant at the 53rd Venice Biennale (“Communications” project, Arsenale, 2009). Nominated (2008) and the winner (2011) of the State Innovation Prize in the “New generation” nomination. Kandinsky Prize 2008 finalist in the “Young Artist” nomination.

Houseplant. Full Version.

In the project “Houseplant. Full Version,” Zholud uses the artistic technique of mimicry and does it on an unprecedented scale. She transforms the gallery into an experimental space, free of commer­cial functions. In the gallery Zholud reproduces her country studio on a scale of 1:1. Faced with the five-meter structure, the viewer does not recognize the spacious white cube of the gallery, does not see the familiar architectural and interior elements. But having found the entrance, he reaches the holy of holies — the artist’s studio. Thorny, brittle metal rods, eaten away by rust, seem to have grown straight out of concrete flower­pots. The work embodies the artist’s metaphor: Material always has its own life, its own disposition. Zholud has coexisted with this unruly media for a long time — it is this spiny, productive material that excites Anya’s imagination, and now occupies her entire creative space.

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