Aristarkh Chernyshev & Alexey Shulgin

shulginchernyshevArt collective Electroboutique was founded in 2005. The collective produces critical art shaped in new technologized forms. In 2005-2009 ran a gallery at Art Strelka cultural centre. Participated in numerous personal and group exhibitions in Russia and internationally. Aristarkh Chernyshev was born in Lugansk in 1968. A pioneer of interactive art in Russia. Alexei Shulgin was born in Moscow in 1963. A pioneer of international new media art. They both live and work in Moscow.

CRITI-POP touches upon plenty of themes, connected with total penetration of information and marketing technologies in culture and everyday life. CRITI-POP combines the entertainment and playfulness so typical of interactive works with critical character and diversity of touched problems.
Californian Ideology Slow hypnotic animations are put together out of transnational companies logos. Thus, the piece symbolizes the unity of capital and psychedelia, as well as that of consumerism and creativity.

Commercial Protest A viewer sees her portrait as a mosaic made out of transnational companies logos. The supermarket cart that contains the TV set emphasizes the attractive ugliness of the ultimately consumerist world.
Delogo Computer-generated abstract compositions are assembled of fragments of top brand logos. Delogo critically addresses the process of monetizing beauty and current copyright paradigms.
Out of Control A half-destroyed TV constantly produces visual and audio glitches and shows a viewer’s image processed through various glitches. The screen scrolls, gets distorted and filled with colorful artifacts produced by damaged electronics.
The Way I See It! The Way I See It! brings pop- and op-art together with modern psychedelic club culture and generative A viewers’ image gets grabbed by a hidden camera and appears inside the piece.
wowPod Giant distorted ipod further develops ideas of creative capitalism, being at the same time critical towards it. When processed through inner life of an artist, a mass-culture bubble-gum for eyes and ears gains absolutely new ontological profoundness and multiple meanings.

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